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Hey there!

Welcome to my blog Flavor Designs, and this is what it’s all about (= what I like):

Upcycling, Recycling, Reusing, Reducing, Restoring, Repurposing, Creating
Furniture & Home Restorations from Junk
Contemporary Abstract Art
DIY, Real Food & Other Renewable Lifestyle Stuff

My bio:

  • Born & raised in Karlsruhe, Germany
  • French, World History & Art Graduate
  • Graphic Designer & Contemporary Abstract Artist
  • Chef, Culinary Instructor & Food Cart Owner
  • Upcycler, Dumpster Diver, Junk Lover, Environmentalist

Places lived:

  1. Karlsruhe, Germany
  2. Konstanz, Germany
  3. New Orleans, Louisiana
  4. Maidenhead, England
  5. Berlin, Germany
  6. Zingst am Darß, Germany
  7. World Oceans (at sea/cruise liners)
  8. Zermatt, Switzerland
  9. Back at sea, Worldwide
  10. Karlsruhe, Germany
  11. McKinney, Texas
  12. Portland, Oregon

Favorite color: all shades of blue 🙂

My previous blog and art website, created in 2008, crashed and I Iost all files, pictures, articles and comments, nooooooo! But oh well, life is work in progress anyways and so is my blog. I am Franziska San Pedro, happy you found me! Let’s connect on TwitterFacebook and Pinterest. See you there!