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I don’t know how you feel, but isn’t chevron stripes already outdated (sooo 2012, you might say!). It’s become so popular that it has become irritating to my eyes. Chevron everywhere. Bags, mirrors, tables, chairs, curtains, socks, rugs, shirts, skirts. Booooring!

And then I went through my archive of pictures and thought to myself ‘I still kinda like it’. Don’t tell anyone!

my first diy chevron coffee table

So, I found quite a few pictures of tables I made with the v-shape design in the past (above, my first piece: a coffee table which did not sell until I painted the turquoise v-stripes on top).

(I googled chevron stripes and found great information around it and learned that it dates back 4000 years, found in archeological sites, also used in heraldry) Now back to tables…

diy chevron pallet table

And furthermore, scrolling through my pictures, I actually thought my diy design on old pallets and upcycled thrift wood doesn’t look bad at all. Above one of my pallet tables (diy banister legs dipped in coral paint). And another pallet coffee table below:

diy pallet coffee table

This one became a kitchen table; first, I applied white paint, after it had dried I applied tape, spray-painted the golden stripes and chose two different kinds of gray. Then I added several coats of polycrylic for durability and water-resistance (*I usually choose polycrylic over polyurethane, since -from my personal experience- it doesn’t turn yellow over time).

diy kitchen table design

The next project was a custom piece for one of my favorite clients! I used pallet and reclaimed fence wood to build this kitchen island. After I applied the white paint, I sanded this monster beauty (my customer had to remove their front door to get it into the house), applied the tape and painted the chevron pattern, sanded it again and then added polycrylic. Turquoise, my favorite color! Very beach house style, shabby chic.

classy diy chevron design kitchen island


So I am wondering if chevron is really past already? I think if it is not used like on every single piece (mirrors, pillows, frames, chairs, walls…) it can add some great accents to your home.

diy living room table

The next table was made from wooden shipping boxes (that I picked up at an electronic store, they had loudspeakers shipped from overseas; these boxes were custom built). They would have ended up on the landfills, instead they got another chance as kitchen tables.

  • My tip: when dumpster diving or curb-shopping, don’t miss out on retail businesses. Just drive up in the back and ask if you can take stuff, they have lots of material from shipping. That’s where I usually get my pallets and, in the past, found all kinds of valuable material.

another diy chevron kitchen table


I made a lot more tables than these but these were the ones I applied the chevron pattern on. Are you bored yet or inspired to make some of your own? 🙂

Also, check out these awesome bed spring candle holders:


up cycled coffee table

So what do you think? What’s the next trend going to be? Keep chevron for a while? Polka dots? Neon stripes?

gray and coral chevron pallet table