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When getting into a project, I always forget to take the before picture! non slip stickers for stairsSo, I moved into this old house with lots of add-ons and this weird concrete staircase leading to the basement. I’d say, it is was the ugliest place in the house until I gave it this makeover. Since it is a concrete staircase and had been painted multiple times, I realized that I needed to do something with it. After doing some research (and after falling down our ugly ceramic tile front staircase, and getting a concussion…), I found anti skid tape to simply just put onto the stairs. I needed a quick solution for the front staircase, so this is what it looks like (for now until we’ll tear down the stairs for good or I’ll paint the ceramic tile). For the basement I wanted something different and prettier. I got this concrete paint from my ace hardware store. I like going there because it’s just around the corner, I know the staff, get great customer service and they always have some kind of discounts together with my rewards card. So I chose garage flooring paint which is very durable. Rustoleum Concrete Paint First, I painted the gray (they had 3 kinds of garage floor paint colors on hand: dark & light gray and white -I am sure there are more options available), then I added anti-skid additive to the paint for a slip resistant surface (it’s good for one gallon paint but I had to paint multiple layers, so I added it later).

They also had a garage floor paint sealer and I would probably apply one coat in a high traffic area like an actual garage but I didn’t think it was not necessary on my basement staircase.

All you’ll need is paint, tape, anti skid additive and a paint brush. For the white stripes I used outdoor trim paint. Once, the staircase was painted I realized I needed a solution for the corners, so I had two solutions: concrete floors or Concrete Floor painted And done! Staircase non skid Basement concrete staircase stiarcase staircase

Tip: Before starting a paint project in an older house, check if lead paint was used. Home improvement stores have lead test kits. You might have to do some research on lead paint removal companies for more information and state regulations.