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*Sigh* — I went to the St. Johns Farmers Market yesterday and I found a new love. It’s a flower. A special flower. A flower, I rediscovered. We went to have breakfast, get some produce and listen to live music and home I went with a big bunch of dahlias (and local kombucha).

Dahlias Farmers Market

After I talked to my Mom on Skype and her commenting on my Facebook dahlia flower pictures, I decided to do some more research where to get them for my garden. I grew up with dahlias in Germany, especially old farms always had them in their gardens; between potatoes, cabbage, carrots and tomatoes there was always a row of dahlias.

more dahlias

And so I found out, that I am only 30km away from the largest US grower of dahlias! My first plan to go to Tillamook Forest to hunt chanterelles was cancelled quickly. We didn’t have much rain in the last week, so I don’t think I’d be very successful coming home with a big basket of mushrooms.

Canby Dahlia

Swan Island Dahlias in Canby, Oregon is open to the public to walk the rows and take pictures. Amazing: an entire town dedicated to dahlias! And next year, my yard will be filled with these beautiful creatures.

Here’s my flowery day in pictures:

White Dahlias

and more dahlias

Dahlias in Canby

Dahlia #400

Another dahlia...

Dahlia as big as my head



Pinkie Swear

China Doll

Bold Accent

Dahlia Fields

Hollyhill Quintessence

Dahlia Field

Dahlia Heaven

Pink Dahlia