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With a new oven that got delivered to my home today (yay!), I received a small square pallet. Usually, I have to get them from places, but this time, I got one straight to my doorsteps!

I have been thinking back and forth how and where I could store our shoes in the entrance area because there is no room anywhere that would not make it look cluttered. And often it already looks cluttered even without the shoes…

Entry Area

So I put all our shoes into the Ikea closet that’s in our guest room. But that meant, we’d have to take our shoes off and carry them through the entire house… and again, they ended up under that entry table!

Ikea Closet Solution

I really want the shoes out of sight, so I got this big vintage pickling can/box and shoved the ones we use all the time in there. But then it rained and the shoes were wet and yucky and I didn’t want them inside a box either. So again, shoes under the entry table!


Shoes in a box

There just doesn’t seem to be a good solution for such a small place to have our shoes hidden.
So today, after I removed the oven from the pallet and had the pallet leaning against the wall to be carried back out, I stuck some of my shoes in there and I liked it immediately. I think I’ll just have the pallet leaning against the wall and stick shoes in there and that’s it.
Shoe Pallet

And this is it, shoe rack pallet!

Pallet Shoe Holder