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I found this great table at the curb, two blocks from my house. It was heavy and crazy big, I couldn’t lift it let alone shove it into more car (since I couldn’t lift it but it wouldn’t have fit anyways). About half an hour and two blocks later, I had it at my house.Curbside Find

I took the center part out and turned it from rectangular, long to a square table. Then I sanded the top and spray painted the bottom with favorite color blue 😉

Updating a curbside treasure

I painted one coat white, then sanded the top because I wanted the beautiful wood to shine through. Then taped to and sprayed the golden stripes first. Then I added blues and grays to the remaining stripes. Finally, painted two coats of polyurethane for protection and durability.

Updated curbside find

And here’s the finished dinner table!

Updated tabletop shabby chic