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This is the stuff dreams are made from: reclaimed wood! For a while, I lived in the suburbs of Dallas, so I had access to lots of free weathered wood. Lots of high fences and lots of tornadoes (quite scary at times!). But while they had to be replaced, I was ready to help out remove the old ones. And the wood was perfect for all kinds of projects. Don’t pass free wood on the curb, crab it when you can! Reclaimed WoodYou could make beach inspired signs with reclaimed wood. Cut into the same length, use pastel colors (if they’re too bright just add white), sand them a little to get a distressed shabby-chic look, then write ‘beach’, ‘sand’, ‘ocean’, ‘pacific’, ‘breeze’ or other beach inspired words on them with a pencil. If you need font ideas, go to FontSpace and type in some of these terms. Then outline the  beach words with white paint. Finally, apply polycrylic, that way you can hang them outside to your beach bar or next to your pool (if you have one). Reclaimed Fence Wood Beach SignsProject #2: build a book case or shelves: Diy Fence Wood Book Shelves3) Perfect for frame making! They look especially cool when either not painted or white (I just love the shabby chic and white is a neutral color and matches all your framing projects well): Reclaimed Wood Picture Frames Here a picture of a pinboard I framed with weathered wood. Diy Fence Wood Pinboard #4: if you have an old bed frame that is not longer used in your household, you can turn the headboard into a bench. For the seat and other parts you will need extra wood. Here’s where you can use reclaimed wood. It’ll need a little bit of sanding (you don’t want splinters in your butt…)

Here’s an example of one of my older projects from start to finish:

Shabby Chic Wood Benche Diy And now that you’re missing a headboard (after you’ve turned your old one into a bench…), you should go ahead and build a headboard. The one on the picture below was a commissioned piece. After it was done I added two headboard hangers to the backside since it was pretty heavy. You can find those at hardware or home improvement stores: Diy Headboard Maybe you found some inspiration here what you could do with reclaimed and weathered wood? Feel free to share your ideas and projects with reclaimed wood below in the comment box!