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For a while I didn’t even know what to do with this weird set of -what are they anyways?- church pews, staircase banisters? I found this set on the curb and shoved it into my car for later use. They looked great with potential but what could I do with them?

Staircase Ballisters

First, I turned them into side tables with triangular tabletops but the weirdness didn’t go away, they continued to look weird and un-classy…
I carried them to flea markets but nobody needed them. No wonder, I didn’t think either they looked like Pottery Barn furniture.
After two trips to the market, I decided take them apart again.

Ballisters to Candle Holders

I cut them down to different heights and cut circles out of wood. Then I used a router to cut a smooth edge around the circles. I had never used a router before which I thought was a little scary but it worked out somehow and I still have all my fingers.
Then I glued and screwed them together, let them sit over night to dry (that’s a lie, I painted them right away, but I recommend to wait until the glue is set). Wiped off some of the paint to get a distressed look and voila I had multiple sets of 3 candle holders.

DIY Candle Holders Pottery Barn Style

At the next flea market, I sold one pair on the first day and in no time they were all gone. One set stayed in my house though.

Upcycled Candle Holder DIY

Upcycled, diy, shabby-chic candle holders with a story (and I still don’t know the full story about what they once were before I picked them up), good for every season and for sure some unique home decor:

Diy Candleholders